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Trading terminal is an application where all trading operations are performed.
Modern exchange trading is no longer possible without the Internet, which means that online platforms have actually become the trader’s office. Learn the interface and functionality of platforms to become a successful trader.

Status platform

Status platform has been the standard for online trading since 2005. This is a versatile tool with many features. It is equally convenient to trade a variety of assets in it: currency, indices, commodities and others.
Initially, it is focused on margin trading, but then full support for CFD-contracts was added. The platform is suitable for analyzing financial markets, performing complex trading operations, launching trading robots and copying transactions of other traders. Available as an application for a smartphone and computer.

WebTrader Status

The new generation online platform. All operations take place in a browser window, you do not need to download the client to start. This makes trading truly mobile. We can trade from anywhere, from any device with Internet access. Its main functionality is similar to the Status platform, but writing MQL4 robots is not supported, which means that the tasks they perform are not available.