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The shares of the Scandinavian bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), accused of redirecting illegal funds from the Soviet Union, recovered after a statement refuting the charge. The stock is 11% lower than before the revealing release of the Swedish broadcaster SVT. Danske Banc will allocate $ 295 million to expand the anti-money laundering system and freeze employment, excluding regulatory positions. The

Former billionaire and mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg will take part in the 2020 presidential campaign. The American philanthropist will fight for victory to become the leader of the US Democratic Party. The businessman’s political strategists said Bloomberg’s main goal was to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump and unite Democrats and Republicans against him. According to the entrepreneur, there should

On Friday, Chinese stocks closed lower amid doubts about the prospects for trade negotiations between China and the United States. The Shanghai index sank to a three-month low. Since August 26, the Shanghai Composite fell 0.6% to 2,871.98 points minimum. Both indices finished in the red. The blue chip index CSI300 fell 0.9% to 3.828.67 points. Over the week, the index lost