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About us

What are we doing

CMGMarkets is a professional broker that specializes in exchange trading via CFD contracts. It is a contract for the difference with which the trader has income. The advantage of such contract is its universality. Assets differ in its specificity, but there is always a difference in its value at the moment of opening and closing a position.

So, it is always possible to earn on it and our task is to provide you with such an opportunity. It depends on you how you dispose of the income received – studio apartment, payment for a prestigious university, French chalet with Lamborghini or the best night at the casino. But the first step towards a decent income is always a CMG Markets account.

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How much does the trader’s income grow for the year:

  • 0.2%
  • 3%
  • 11%
  • 24%

We offer


We give you access to speculation on stock and commodity currency exchanges. Euro, dollar, precious metals are assets with high volatility and predictability. And the use of CFD-contracts on these assets will allow even a beginner trader to go into a confident plus in a month of active trading.


With us you will start trading on six global stock and currency markets. They are located in major financial centers in different time zones. This gives you 24/7 access to trading, and with our trading instruments your spread will be envied by many traders.


We use Status platform trading platforms to enter the exchange. This is a common standard in trading. Its main advantage is versatility. Margin trading, technical analysis and connection of trading robots are available from one computer or smartphone application.

Why CMGMarkets


Access to trade on world markets through Status platform and CMG-Platform platforms. We specialize in CFD contracts and PAMM accounts because these tools are equally suitable for beginners and professional traders, and also provide ample opportunities for risk management.

Status platform 4 and 5 platforms

CFD support

PAMM Accounts Available

Trading Robot Support


Our analysts work in shifts to keep you informed about trends in global markets. Our actions are based on fundamental and technical analysis, which complement long-term and short-term investments in all available assets.

Technical analysis

Fundamental analysis

Short and long cycle forecasts

Insider and News


A demo account is available to all clients and it is simply irreplaceable, if you try yourself as a trader for the first time, you will always find theoretical information on trading in our blog, we highly recommend you to read it. Round-the-clock technical support is also available to clients on all accounts. We are ready to help by phone and in any of the available messengers.

Demo account

24/7 tech support

Chat Advice

Educational materials


The cost of the account from 2000$ can be called purely symbolic. And it is a symbol of our loyalty to our clients. For a huge number of clients it was an impressive start and in the future they allowed themselves a much larger investment. We are really pleased to know that this is possible thanks to our efforts.

Starting account from $2000

100% deposit bonus

Personal account manager

Account insurance