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We care about the best conditions for our customers Choose from over 300 tools in 6 markets Start trading Earning with us you gain profitability and stability in earnings! We offer transparent trading conditions using multiple trading instruments. Stocks and Indices Take a chance to profit from trading stocks the world's largest companies Try now

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We are creating new opportunities to make your trading as profitable as possible!

We are sure that every person, whether a student, a pensioner, an artist or an entrepreneur, can become a trader! The main thing is the desire to improve and gain new knowledge for the sake of achieving financial independence.

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About CMGMarkets
About CMGMarkets

Beginners and professionals trust us

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Try new things

"I advise all traders not to be afraid and try new things. After all, you can not give up, and even more so the opportunity to make good money! Especially if you can earn in contests from CMGMarkets."

William Jones Trader

Take bonuses

"You can agree on bonuses. Investing is fine here. I’ve been trading for two years."

Komáromi Sasa Press operator

With understanding to the client

"I rarely trade in fact. I have been with CMGMarkets for about two years. Actually, what I love this company for is that it treats the client with understanding, although I am not the best client for them."

Usaimah Shukriyah Safar Health services manager

Get high profits

"CMGMarkets is a reliable broker with acceptable conditions. The spread is quite competitive, execution without strong slippage. With CMGMarkets you can apply any strategies and get high profits, but you need to take risks)."

Eliano Trentino Executive chef

You can withdrawl

"Here you can withdrawl the whole amount if you have closed all positions. I deduced only a part, because I urgently needed money at a certain moment."

Larry Palmer Medicine Doctor

Forex learning

"Margin trading struck me. You can make good money if you trade stably. I also plunged into the study of the Forex trading system."

Rufaydah 'Ubaab Tahan Seller

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Account type for any person

Get wide opportunities for making income using a lot of tools available on your account.

Activate the optimal account on the CMGMarkets platform and get quick direct access to forex market, commodities, trading stocks, stock indexes and CFD’s.

Create a demo account

Virtual balance $100.000
Learn with us

Especially for those who make the first steps in the world of trading, we provide access to a demo account, information support and training.

Starting account for beginners


$2 000

  • 9 currencies pairs, total 25+ tools
  • Fixed or floating spreads
  • Trade in micro lots
  • Individual account manager 24/5
  • Minimum lot 0.1
  • Spread from 0.9
  • Bonus on deposit up to 10%
  • Marginal leverage up to 1:20
  • 5% Insurance on account
  • 3 signals per week
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Max account for VIP traders


$100 000

  • All corporate trade opportunities
  • Fixed or floating spreads
  • Automatic withdrawal on a scheduled date
  • Regular support of an advisor
  • Algorithm trading assistance
  • Spread from 0.4
  • Bonus on deposit up to 100%
  • Marginal leverage up to 1:100
  • 50% insurance on account
  • 30 signals per week
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All our account types - take the best for you.

Traders of different levels can choose the most optimal types of accounts. We provide the best trading conditions, training and advanced technology for our customers.

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Account types
Account types

more then 300 instruments

5 specialized financial markets


With an average daily turnover of $3.2 trillion, forex is the most traded market in the world.

Stocks market

Take a position on more than 9,400 global shares, bonds and many more, including popular stocks: Apple, BP, Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco, Rio Tinto.


Market indexes are intended to represent an entire stock market, and track the market's changes over time.


A commodity is a good used in business or on a market. Spread bet or trade CFDs on a wide range of popular metals, energies and softs.

Powerful trading platform for traders

Trading terminals

The main tool for the trader to work is the trading platform and its terminal — special software. The choice of a trading platform essentially determines the opportunities in the market, because the speed and accuracy of responding to price movements, convinient of conducting transactions – definately decide what the result will be.

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Register an Account – Enter the most lucrative financial markets with us.

Get training

Get training from your personal assistant and trade with the help of an analyst.

Start Trading

Start Trading – Begin your trading journey and start seeing profitable results.

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